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Status Certificates


Status Certificate & Payment Options

Option 1: Status Certificate – $100 (including taxes) – Prepared within 10 Calendar Days


Option 2: Expedite – 5 Business Days – Add $50+HST (Total Incl. Status Certificate = $156.50)

Option 3: Expedite – 2 Business Days – Add $100+HST (Total Incl. Status Certificate = $213.00)

Please indicate on the form below you’re requested Delivery Option:
1. Dropbox download
2: Pick Up on USB stick (additional $10 fee)

  • RUSH REQUIREMENTS: The Condominium Act allocates 10 days for the preparation of a Status Certificate. Sometimes circumstances require status certificate production faster than that. We are happy to accommodate: Please choose an expedited option from the list below.
  1. Payment Options

Contact our office to confirm the Common Element Fees have been paid prior to closing. Common Element Fees are due on the 1st of each month. Pre-authorized debit is available.

Owners leasing the unit must complete and provide the corporation with a Summary of Lease or Renewal within 30 days of leasing.

Please ensure that the purchaser receives the unit and mailbox keys from the vendor upon closing. We do not have spare keys.

Please provide your pickup, payment instructions and name and telephone number for the person who will be arranging pick up of the Status Certificate.

Please refer your potential buyer to our website to review FAQ’s that may assist with a smooth transition into the condominium community.

The Act allows for 10 days to prepare a Status Certficate – we will do our very best to complete it beforehand. It is also advisable to allow the legal counsel at least 5 days to review the Status Certificate.

Please supply the following information:

Please complete the form below and send your $100 cheque made payable to Trademark Property Management LTD, to: Trademark Property Management 607 Queens Ave, London, ON N6B 1Y9 You can also fax your request to: 519-204-0946

Please indicate your required time for production and add the cost below to the $100 standard charge.

Please indicate your required time for production and add the cost below to the $100 standard charge.

PART A - Requester's Information
PART B - Unit Information
PART C - Purchaser's Information
Please wait...

If your request is required to re-finance your mortgage, please indicate “N/A” wherever it does not apply (for instance “Seller’s Full Name”) and DO provide the Owner’s information (full name as will be registered on title) in Part C.

Warning – All above information will not be processed until information is filled out and submitted.