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Administrative Issues

In order to set up your account, please contact Ashley at our office via phone or email admin@trademarkltd.com to obtain the required paperwork.

Banking information can be updated by email to finance@trademarkltd.com

Contact information can be updated by calling into our office and speaking with our receptionist or by email at admin@trademarkltd.com



Email your property manager directly if you have their information. You may also call the office and give as much detail to our representative who will forward your issue to the appropriate manager.

Renting my Unit

Contact our office to receive a Form 5 summary of lease or download it below. Complete the form and return it to our office via mail, email to Ashley@trademarkltd.com or by fax to 519-204-0946     Form 5 Summary of Lease

Changes to my unit

Download the 6 steps of compliance with modifying common elements below or email contact@trademarkltd.com giving as much detail as possible about the proposed changes, and someone will assist you in writing.   6 Steps of Compliance with Section 98

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