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"Our condominium corporation was sadly lacking professional and competent oversight with our previous manager.  We went through an extensive interview process and selected Trademark as our replacement management company.  We have never looked back. The level of expertise is unmatched in London. The transition was seamless, accounting reviewed and corrected, communication is answered, and action taken. We are very happy with our service and thank everyone at Trademark for the support they offer"

Douglas C.

“As directors, we were astonished at the reality of our condominium complex which was being managed by the same company who was managing a large rental pool. Essentially, we were paying for a superintendent we didn’t need, the financials were obfuscated at best.  We made the jump based on local recommendations. Trademark got us sorted out quickly, ensured that the two entities were separated and fair to the condominium owners. We are now running like a well-oiled machine.”

Nicole Y.

“Our corporation under different management was staring down a huge increase to our insurance premium. Trademark was pivotal in making sure that didn’t happen. They used their expertise to reduce our premium as opposed to increasing. So happy we are with them!  No hesitation in recommending them.”

Bill K.

“Well, where do I start…our corporation was in huge financial distress. There were too many issues to list here from units that were liened that shouldn’t have been, ones that should have been liened and weren’t, tens of thousands of dollars in receivables, unhappy commercial tenants and on and on it went. Trademark took over and cleaned it right up and now we are running like a well-oiled machine and we as a board can sleep properly at night knowing our owners’ investments are in excellent hands.”

David B.

“We have been very happy with Trademarks services all around. Fast communication and we feel well supported in all relevant areas. Trademark has brought excellent contractors to us who we feel have provided real value as opposed to the overpriced and in many cases incompetent contractors we previously had. The owners are happy. The change has improved our community in many ways and we are very thankful to them for that assistance.”

Tamara M.

“We were quickly welcomed into Trademark after our management company resigned. We had several open insurance claims, high receivables and an arm long list of things that needed to get done. Trademark helped us take the bull by the horn and create a plan of action that didn’t strain the ownership too much. We didn’t even know the expertise we didn’t have. Great company and people.”

Peter H.

Trademark Property Management Ltd.
607 Queens Ave.
London, ON N6B 1Y9
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